Used Car O Liner Frame Machine

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A Used Car O Liner Frame Machine is a device used to repair the frame of vehicles that have been damaged or warped due to accidents. It uses hydraulic pressure and clamps to pull the vehicle’s frame back into its original shape. The machine can also be used for other bodywork, such as wheel alignment, suspension work, and some welding jobs.

It’s usually found in auto body shops where technicians use it for repairing cars after collisions. The machine eliminates the need for hand tools such as hammers and dollies when straightening out metal frames or panels on a car. This makes repairs faster and more accurate than relying on manual labor alone.

A Used Car-O-Liner frame machine is a great addition to any auto repair shop. It allows you to accurately measure and straighten vehicle frames quickly and easily, so your customers can get back on the road with confidence in their vehicles. With its innovative design, the frame machine uses precision measuring tools and powerful hydraulics to make sure that all adjustments are exact for superior performance.

Plus, it’s easy to use – even beginners will be able to master this device in no time!

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What is the Price of Car O Liner Machine?

The cost of a Car-O-Liner machine varies widely and depends on the type and size of the machine. Generally, smaller machines range in price from $15,000 to $20,000 while larger models can reach up to $80,000 or more. Additionally, installation costs may vary depending on the model purchased and if any additional tools are needed for setup.

Ultimately, it is important to research different brands and sizes before making a purchase in order to ensure an accurate estimate of total cost.

Who Owns Car O Liner?

Car-O-Liner is a leading global provider of collision repair equipment and services. Founded in 1982, the company is owned by Swedish investment firm EQT Partners AB, which acquired Car-O-Liner from its previous owner Investcorp in 2018. Headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, Car-O-Liner has more than 50 subsidiaries around the world and provides products to over 100 countries.

The company specializes in providing advanced tools for body shops that enable them to accurately diagnose damage on cars and efficiently perform repairs. In addition to their extensive product range, they also offer training courses for technicians as well as maintenance and calibration services.

What Does Car O Liner Do?

Car-O-Liner is a specialized automotive repair tool used to measure, align, and straighten frame rails that have been damaged due to accidents. This powerful machine utilizes two strong clamps with adjustable arms that are placed on either side of the vehicle’s chassis. The arms are then tightened and adjusted until they are perfectly aligned according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

It is designed for use with all types of vehicles including cars, trucks, buses, vans and even large trailers. With its precision technology Car-O-Liner can restore structural integrity back into severely damaged frames while providing an accurate alignment to ensure maximum safety for drivers.

Used Car O Liner Frame Machine


Car-O-Liner Bench Rack 5500 for Sale

The Car-O-Liner Bench Rack 5500 is the perfect solution for collision repair centers looking to increase their productivity and efficiency. With a maximum capacity of 2,000lbs, this bench rack allows for quick and easy repairs in a fraction of the time it would take with traditional methods. The adjustable height feature allows you to set your own desired working level while the storage system keeps all necessary tools within reach at all times.

Plus, its durable steel construction and ergonomic design make it suitable for any type of workshop environment. Get yours today!

Car O-Liner for Sale Craigslist

If you are looking for a used Car O-Liner, Craigslist is a great place to start. On the website, you can find listings from private sellers and dealerships all over the country offering high-quality products at competitive prices. You’ll be able to compare features, read reviews, and get an idea of what each model has to offer before making your decision.

Whether you need something basic or a more advanced system with additional features like corrosion protection and crack repair capabilities, there’s sure to be something on Craigslist that fits your needs.

Car-O-Liner Frame Machine Price

The price of a Car-O-Liner frame machine can vary greatly depending on the specific model and features you are looking for. Generally, these machines range from $10,000 to over $50,000, with some models offering additional features such as advanced measuring systems and digital camera integration for even higher prices. No matter what your budget is, there’s likely a Car-O-Liner frame machine that fits your needs.


This blog post has provided a thorough look at the Used Car O Liner Frame Machine. From its easy to use design, to its reliable accuracy and range of options, this machine is an invaluable tool for any used car dealership or automotive shop. Whether you’re looking for a frame machine that can be used for basic repairs or more complex jobs, the Used Car O Liner Frame Machine is an excellent choice.

With its versatility, reliability and ease of operation it is sure to meet all your needs and provide years of dependable service.


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