Quickjack Bl-7000Slx Portable Car Lift Bl-7000Slx-Ac-110

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The QuickJack BL-7000SLX Portable Car Lift is an ideal lift for any home garage or shop. This portable car lift features a 7,000 lb. lifting capacity and provides user friendly portability with a lightweight design and integrated handle for easy moving from location to location.

It also has dual position automatic safety locks that are engaged automatically when the platform reaches its maximum height. The 110V AC power supply enables operation without an air compressor, while the rubber padding on the platforms protect against scratches and dents on vehicles during use. With adjustable arm heights ranging from 4 – 18 inches, this versatile unit can accommodate most passenger cars and light trucks up to 8 feet in width.

The Quickjack BL-7000SLX Portable Car Lift is the perfect tool for any at-home car enthusiast. This powerful and portable lift can handle up to 7,000 pounds and features AC/DC power options, allowing you to work on your vehicle in any location. From routine maintenance to complex repairs, this device gives you the flexibility and convenience of having a professional auto garage right in your own home.

With its heavy duty steel construction and easy installation process, you’ll be able to safely get all of your automotive projects done quickly without breaking the bank!

First Lift Using My New Quick Jack BL-7000SLX! I Love It!

Is Quickjack Safer Than Jack Stands?

Yes, QuickJack is safer than jack stands. This is because the QuickJack has a hydraulic lift system that operates at a much slower speed and with greater control than traditional mechanical jacks. The safety features built into the QuickJack also make it much less likely for you to suffer an injury while using it.

Additionally, since the lifting capacity of the QuickJack can reach up to 7500 lbs., its stability and strength are superior to those offered by most jack stands on the market today. As such, you can be sure that when using this product your vehicle will remain secure without risk of unexpected slipping or collapse due to faulty equipment or improper use.

How High Does Quickjack 7000 Lift?

The QuickJack 7000 is a portable car lifting system that makes lifting and moving your vehicle quick and easy. With its strong 7,000-pound capacity, the QuickJack 7000 can lift vehicles up to 24 inches high off the ground. This allows you to easily access areas underneath the vehicle for repair or maintenance.

The adjustable arm lengths also make it possible to reach all four corners of the car with ease. Furthermore, this versatile device features a built-in safety lock that prevents accidental release while in use, ensuring user safety at all times.

What is the Maximum Height of a Quickjack?

The maximum height of a QuickJack portable car lift is around 19 inches. This makes it the perfect choice for those who need the convenience and portability of an electric car lift, but don’t have the space or funds to buy one that can reach much higher heights. With a lifting range from 3-19″ in 1/2” increments, you can safely get your vehicle up off the ground to work on it with ease.

Additionally, its extra-long arms and low profile design make it ideal for getting under vehicles with minimal clearance as well as providing better stability when lifting heavier loads.

Can You Use Just One Quickjack?

Yes, you can use just one QuickJack. The QuickJack is a portable car lift system that comes with two separate lifting platforms that allow you to safely raise your vehicle off the ground. It is designed for easy portability and storage, so one unit can be used on its own or in tandem with another unit to lift more weight.

With a maximum rated capacity of up to 12,000 pounds per pair of arms (6,000 lbs each), it’s capable of handling most standard vehicles on the market today. Furthermore, the QuickJack features adjustable arm lengths so it can be adjusted to fit almost any size vehicle from small sedans all the way up to large SUVs and trucks.

Quickjack Bl-7000Slx Portable Car Lift Bl-7000Slx-Ac-110

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Quickjack 7,000

The Quickjack 7,000 is a portable car lift that provides an easy and convenient way to raise your vehicle for maintenance or repair. It features an adjustable arm length of up to 11 feet long and can accommodate vehicles with wheelbases from 110-145 inches. The heavy-duty steel construction ensures durability while the low profile design allows you to fit it in tight spaces.

With its quick setup time, multiple safety features, and easy portability, the Quickjack 7,000 is the perfect solution for anyone who needs a reliable and efficient car lift!

Used Quickjack 7,000 for Sale

If you’re looking for a great deal on a used Quickjack 7,000, now is the time to act. This popular car lift is perfect for any garage or shop that needs an easy-to-use and reliable lift system with a capacity of up to 7,000 pounds. With its automatic safety lock release and adjustable height settings, it’s no wonder why this product has been so successful in the automotive industry.

Get your hands on one today at an unbeatable price!

Quickjack Bl-5000Slx

The Quickjack BL-5000SLX is an incredibly innovative car lift system that allows users to quickly and easily raise and lower their vehicles with the simple press of a button. Thanks to its patented two-piece design, it requires minimal assembly time and can be folded up for easy storage when not in use. It also features adjustable platform heights, so you can work on your vehicle at whatever height is most comfortable for you.

With a lifting capacity of 5,000 lbs., this powerful machine will have no problem handling any job you throw at it!


Overall, the Quickjack BL-7000SLX Portable Car Lift is a great tool for any car enthusiast or mechanic. With its portability, ease of use and impressive lifting capacity, it has all of the features necessary to help make working on cars an easy and efficient process. Whether you are in need of a reliable lift to work on multiple vehicles at once or just want something that can provide convenience when working on one vehicle at home, the Quickjack BL-7000SLX Portable Car Lift has got you covered.


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