Docooler Car Remote Central Lock Locking Keyless Entry System With Remote Controllers

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The Docooler Car Remote Central Lock Locking Keyless Entry System with Remote Controllers is an aftermarket car security system that allows you to remotely lock and unlock your vehicle from a distance. The system consists of two remote controllers, one for the driver and one for the passenger side, as well as a central locking unit which connects to the car’s factory electrical wiring. This allows the user to be able to control their vehicles from up to 50 feet away using either controller.

The system also features ANTI-HIJACK PROTECTION which will automatically lock all doors if any door is opened without first unlocking them with a valid code from either controller. This provides added safety when driving in unfamiliar or potentially dangerous areas.

Docooler’s Car Remote Central Lock Locking Keyless Entry System is an easy and convenient way to add security to your vehicle. With the included remote controllers, you can lock and unlock your car from a distance so that you don’t have to worry about leaving it vulnerable while away. The system also includes anti-theft protection, meaning that if someone tries to break into your car, they won’t be successful!

It’s a great way to make sure that no one but you has access to your vehicle.

Car Keyless Entry System (Components, Manual, Partial Test)

What is Difference between Keyless And Remote Central Locking?

Keyless and remote central locking are two different types of car security systems. Keyless entry uses a fob or keypad to unlock the doors without having to use a physical key. Remote central locking is more traditional, using a remote control device that locks and unlocks all the doors at once when you press the button.

The main difference between them is convenience: with keyless entry, you don’t need to fumble with keys; with remote central locking, it’s much easier to lock all your doors quickly from afar instead of walking around your car and manually unlocking each one.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Remote Central Locking?

The cost of installing remote central locking can vary greatly depending on the type and complexity of the system you are looking to install. Generally, prices range from around $100-$300 for basic systems with additional features such as keyless entry and security systems increasing the price significantly. Installing a remote central locking system typically requires professional installation which will add to your overall cost.

If you plan on tackling the job yourself, some basic tools and supplies will be necessary in order to complete the job successfully, including wiring and connectors, drill bits, screwdriver set etc., so it is important to factor these costs into your budget when planning your project.

Is Remote Keyless Entry the Same As Remote Start?

No, remote keyless entry and remote start are two distinct technologies. Remote keyless entry is the ability to unlock your vehicle from a distance using radio frequency signals sent by a transmitter. This technology can be used to lock/unlock doors, open trunk lids or hatchbacks, and turn on interior lights.

On the other hand, remote start is an engine-management system that allows you to remotely start your car’s ignition with the press of a button from outside the vehicle. It provides convenience for those who want their cars warmed up before entering in cold climates or cooled down during hot days.

How Do I Know If My Car Equipped With a Keyless Entry Remote System?

If your car is equipped with a keyless entry remote system, you should be able to spot it easily. Most cars that come with this feature have an antenna mounted around the door handle or window frame and an additional button on the driver’s side door panel. Additionally, if your car has power locks and windows, chances are good that it also includes a keyless entry system.

To confirm this for sure, consult your owner’s manual or contact your local dealership for more information about the features of your particular model.

Docooler Car Remote Central Lock Locking Keyless Entry System With Remote Controllers



The Docooler Car Remote Central Lock Locking Keyless Entry System with Remote Controllers is a great way to improve the security of your car and provide added convenience when entering and exiting. This system is easy to install, provides reliable performance, and offers multiple key fob remotes for convenience. With its multiple features including remote locking/unlocking, central door locking control, trunk release, anti-hijack protection mode and more, this system will help keep you safe while making your life easier.


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