Club Car Gas Battery Size

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Club Car gas models are available with either a 9.5 HP, or 11 HP engine, and batteries come in 12 volts and 8 volts. The most common is the 12-volt system because it offers more power than an 8-volt battery does. Club Car golf carts and utility vehicles that use gasoline for fuel require two sets of batteries – one set for the motor control circuitry and another to supply power to all accessories such as headlights, taillights, stereo systems and other convenience features.

The size of these gas model batteries can range from 210 AH (Amp Hours) up to 420 AH depending on the type of vehicle you have and its specific needs. An amp hour is a measure used to describe how much energy a battery can store at any given time; higher amp hours mean more capacity which translates into longer run times between charges.

Club Car gas batteries come in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of different customers. The smallest battery is 12-volt, and it can power up to five golf carts or other Club Cars at once. For larger fleets and industrial applications, 24-volt batteries are available that can power up to 10 cars simultaneously.

No matter what size you need, these durable batteries will provide reliable performance for years to come!

Change a battery in a gas golf cart.

What Size Battery Should Be in a Gas Golf Cart?

The size of the battery in a gas golf cart will depend on several factors, including the make and model of the cart, its intended use, and how often it is used. Generally speaking, most gas golf carts come equipped with 12-volt batteries that range from 55 to 75 amp hours. However, some more powerful models may require larger batteries with higher amp hour ratings up to 150 AH or even 200 AH for extended performance over longer distances or on steeper hills.

Ultimately, consulting your owner’s manual and/or manufacturer’s recommendations should provide you with the best information regarding which specific type and size of battery is most appropriate for your particular gas golf cart.

What Size Battery Does a Club Car Take?

Club Car golf carts use either 8-volt or 6-volt batteries, depending on the model. The most common size is the 8-volt T875 battery, which is used in 48V Club Cars from 2004 and newer. These batteries measure roughly 10 inches long by 7 inches wide and stand around 11 inches tall.

If you have an older model with a 36V system, then it may take two of the 6-volt U1R batteries side by side to power your cart. These are slightly smaller than the 8-volts at around 9.5 x 5.25 x 10 inches each. It’s important to always check your owner’s manual before purchasing new batteries for your cart so that you get the right fit and type for your particular make and model of Club Car golf cart!

Does a Gas Golf Cart Need a Special Battery?

Yes, a gas golf cart needs a special battery. These batteries are made specifically for golf carts and differ from regular car batteries in that they are deep-cycle, lead acid batteries. Deep-cycle means these batteries can provide power over an extended period of time, allowing the cart to be driven for more than just short distances like what would be required with a regular battery.

Additionally, these specialized batteries are designed to withstand the vibration and movement associated with driving on rough terrain or uneven ground. Lastly, since gas golf carts require higher electrical output than cars due to running accessories such as lights and radios while also powering its engine – this makes having a special battery even more important as it ensures you’re getting the most out of your vehicle’s power system without damaging it in any way.

Is a Gas Golf Cart Battery the Same As a Car Battery?

No, a gas golf cart battery is not the same as a car battery. Gas golf carts use deep cycle batteries which are designed to provide strong and consistent power for extended periods of time, whereas car batteries provide short bursts of energy for starting an engine. Additionally, gas golf cart batteries are usually 6 or 8 volt and have more cells than car batteries – typically around 10-12 compared to 6 in most cars.

Furthermore, gas golf cart batteries require specific charging systems that must be used in order to ensure they last as long as possible; this is something that isn’t required with car batteries.

Club Car Gas Battery Size


Club Car Precedent Gas Battery Size

The Club Car Precedent gas model features a 12-volt battery system that is powered by an 8.5 HP, 4 cycle gas engine and comes standard with two Trojan T-875 batteries. These powerful batteries have the capacity to keep your cart running for up to 6 hours on just one charge, allowing you to enjoy a full day of golfing or other outdoor activities without having to worry about recharge times.

Club Car Ds Gas Battery Size

The Club Car DS gas model has a 12-volt deep cycle battery that is designed to provide long life and dependable electrical performance. The battery is enclosed in a durable plastic case and features an automatic charging system that keeps the battery fully charged. With proper maintenance, this type of battery can last up to five years or more, providing an efficient and reliable power source for your golf cart.

Gas Golf Cart Battery Walmart

Gas golf cart batteries are available at Walmart, offering the convenience of an in-store purchase. These lead-acid batteries provide long lasting power and dependable performance for all types of gas carts. They feature a 12v rating, with up to 250 cold cranking amps that offer reliable starting power even during cold temperatures.

Whether you’re looking for a replacement battery or one to start your new project, Walmart has the right option for you!


In conclusion, it is important to know what type of battery you need for a Club Car gas golf cart. Depending on the model and year of your vehicle, there are different size batteries that will be necessary to power it. It is best to consult the owner’s manual or an expert at a local auto shop in order to determine which size battery is right for your specific Club Car gas golf cart.

With this information, you can be sure that your golf cart has enough power to get you around the course and enjoy a great round of golf!


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