Acdelco Professional Gold 65Pg Car Battery

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Acdelco Professional Gold 65PG Car Battery is a reliable and powerful car battery that offers superior cranking power. It is designed to offer long-lasting performance in extreme climates, providing peace of mind for drivers who depend on their vehicles to get them where they need to go. The battery features an advanced lead-acid formula and ensures reliable starts even in the coldest weather conditions.

It also includes an efficient sealed design that prevents corrosion, while its vibration resistance helps keep your vehicle running smoothly over time. Acdelco Professional Gold 65PG Car Battery provides incredible value with its two years of free replacement coverage, ensuring you always have the power you need when you hit the road.

The Acdelco Professional Gold 65Pg Car Battery is a reliable and powerful choice for your car. It offers exceptional starting power, long-lasting performance and corrosion resistance with its advanced lead-calcium technology. This battery also features a maintenance-free design, making it easy to install in any vehicle and save you time on regular care.

With its extended life expectancy and long warranty period, this car battery is an excellent investment that will keep your car running smoothly for years to come.

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Acdelco Gold (Professional) 42 Month Battery

The ACDelco Gold Professional 42 Month Battery is a reliable, long lasting choice for your car. It has an impressive cold cranking amp rating of 800 and a reserve capacity of 120 minutes – both providing the power needed to start your engine even in extreme weather conditions. The advanced lead-calcium technology increases the battery life while reducing water loss and corrosion, so you don’t have to worry about frequent replacements.

Plus, it comes with a limited warranty that ensures coverage for up to 42 months or 75,000 miles – giving you peace of mind when it comes to keeping your vehicle running smoothly.

Acdelco Gold Battery

Acdelco Gold batteries are widely recognized as one of the most reliable and long-lasting car batteries on the market. They feature a maintenance-free design that eliminates the need for regular water topping off, making them ideal for those who don’t want to spend time worrying about their battery’s upkeep. The advanced lead calcium technology also helps ensure maximum cranking power and low internal resistance, enabling your vehicle to start quickly even in cold weather conditions.

Acdelco Gold Battery Review

Acdelco Gold batteries are known for their superior performance and long-lasting power. They have been tested in a variety of climates, including extreme temperatures and humid conditions, making them ideal for any car or truck. The battery’s design is corrosion resistant and offers reliable starting power when you need it most.

Additionally, the Gold version comes with an impressive 5-year warranty which covers both parts and labor if needed. Reviews from customers consistently rate Acdelco Gold batteries highly due to its reliability, affordability, and overall performance.

Acdelco Battery

Acdelco batteries are some of the most reliable and longest lasting automotive batteries available. They offer a variety of features like advanced lead-acid technology, an optimized grid design for increased performance, and high voltage stability to ensure your vehicle starts reliably no matter what the conditions may be. With their extended life cycle and low maintenance requirements, Acdelco batteries provide dependable power when you need it most.

Acdelco Professional Gold 65Pg Car Battery


Is Acdelco Gold a Good Battery?

ACDelco Gold batteries are some of the best on the market. They offer superior performance and reliability, making them a great option for those looking for a reliable and long-lasting battery. The advanced lead-calcium technology used in ACDelco Gold batteries provides up to 15 times more cycling power than standard lead-acid batteries, which means they can last much longer between charges and provide consistent performance over time.

Additionally, these batteries are designed to resist corrosion from extreme temperatures or vibrations better than other models, making them ideal for tough conditions. Overall, ACDelco Gold is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a reliable battery that won’t let you down when you need it most.

Who Manufactures Acdelco Car Batteries?

ACDelco car batteries are manufactured by Johnson Controls, a global leader in automotive battery components and systems. As a member of the Fortune 500 and one of the world’s largest suppliers to the automotive industry, Johnson Controls is committed to providing quality products that meet or exceed customer expectations. ACDelco car batteries are designed for superior performance and reliability, offering up to three times greater reserve capacity than other leading brands.

They feature advanced technology such as calcium-calcium alloy grids for increased corrosion resistance, an absorbent glass mat design for improved durability, and patented vibration resistant designs for longer life. With over 100 years of experience in manufacturing batteries, Johnson Controls is dedicated to providing reliable power solutions that help keep your vehicle running smoothly and dependably every time you get behind the wheel.

Who Makes Acdelco Professional?

ACDelco is a brand of auto parts produced by General Motors. GM owns the ACDelco Professional line, which offers a wide range of performance parts for cars and trucks including starters, alternators, fuel pumps, brakes and more. The company has been making high-quality parts since 1916 and continues to do so today with its professional line.

All ACDelco Professional products are designed and manufactured in accordance with OE specifications for fitment, form and function. They also meet or exceed industry standards for quality assurance. As such, customers can rest assured that their vehicle will receive only the best when they purchase an ACDelco Professional product.

How Do I Tell What Year My Acdelco Battery Is?

To determine the year of your ACDelco battery, look for a code on the side of the battery. This code should contain several characters and numbers that will tell you when it was manufactured. The first two digits in this string usually refer to the year in which it was made – for example, if your code begins with 16, then your battery was likely produced in 2016.

If you’re still unsure about the age of your ACDelco battery, call their customer service at 800-ACDELCO (800-223-3526) and they can help you find out more information about it.


In conclusion, the Acdelco Professional Gold 65Pg Car Battery is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable car battery. It offers superior performance and durability, as well as an excellent warranty to back it up. With its high quality construction and long life expectancy, this car battery can provide you with years of worry-free driving.


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