Car Ac Repair Wichita Ks

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If you need car AC repair in Wichita, KS, then look no further than Autoworks Automotive Services. They offer a wide range of services including professional car AC repairs and maintenance. Their trained technicians are highly skilled in diagnosing any issues your vehicle may have with its air conditioning system and can provide excellent repair services.

Whether you require refrigerant recharge or other major repairs to get your vehicle’s air conditioning running properly again, Autoworks Automotive Services has the expertise necessary to deliver efficient service at competitive prices. With their commitment to customer satisfaction, you can be sure that they will provide quality workmanship when it comes to fixing your car AC problems in Wichita, KS.

If you’re looking for quality car AC repair in Wichita KS, then look no further than Auto Repair Solutions. Their team of highly trained technicians use only the best tools and techniques to diagnose and repair your air conditioning system quickly and effectively. Whether it’s a minor issue or something more serious, they have what it takes to get your vehicle running cool again in no time!

Plus, their competitive prices make them one of the most affordable options in town. Don’t let a broken AC ruin your summer – head to Auto Repair Solutions for expert car AC repairs today!

Automobile AC Repair In Wichita Ks – Alexander Automotive

How Much Does It Cost to Fix an Ac for a Car?

The cost to fix an AC for a car can vary widely depending on the make and model of the vehicle, as well as the complexity of the repair that is needed. Generally speaking, basic repairs such as replacing components or topping up refrigerant will range from $50-$200. More complex repairs such as compressor replacement or evaporator core replacement may cost anywhere between $400 and $1500.

Additionally, labour costs should also be taken into account when considering how much it will cost to fix your AC system; this should typically add around 1-2 hours of labour time at shop rates ranging from $100 -$150 per hour depending on geographical location.

Why is My Ac Running But Not Cooling in My Car?

If your car’s air conditioner (AC) is running, but not cooling the air inside your vehicle, there are several potential causes. First and foremost, it could be a problem with the AC compressor or another part of the system such as a faulty relay or low refrigerant levels. It may also be due to an issue with the cabin temperature sensor telling your AC that it needs to cool when in fact it doesn’t need to do so.

Finally, clogged or dirty filters can prevent proper airflow from reaching the cabin of your car and make it seem like your AC isn’t working properly even though it is running. To pinpoint the exact cause of why your AC isn’t cooling, you should have a professional mechanic inspect and diagnose any issues they find in order to get back to comfortable driving temperatures again!

Does Autozone Fix Air Conditioning?

No, AutoZone does not fix air conditioning. AutoZone is an automotive parts retailer that specializes in providing customers with the parts they need to repair their vehicles themselves. While they do carry some diagnostic tools and products to help diagnose and fix vehicle issues, they are not qualified or trained to work on complex systems like air conditioning units.

For this type of job it is recommended you seek out a professional auto mechanic who has experience working with AC units.

Why is My Car Ac Blowing Warm Air?

If your car AC is blowing warm air, it could be due to a few different causes. The most common cause is a malfunctioning thermostat that can no longer regulate the temperature of the coolant correctly. This can also be caused by low levels of refrigerant in the system, leaking hoses or condenser coils, compressor problems, and clogged expansion valves.

If you’re not sure what’s causing this problem with your car AC unit, it would be best to take it into a mechanic who specializes in auto repair for an accurate diagnosis and effective solution.

Car Ac Repair Wichita Ks


Car Ac Service near Me

If you’re in need of car AC service, there are many reliable and experienced mechanics near you who can provide high-quality repairs. Whether it’s a simple recharge of your system or more extensive work such as replacing parts and repairing leaks, a certified mechanic will be able to diagnose the problem quickly and accurately so that you can get back on the road safely. So don’t forget to check out your local auto repair shop if your car’s air conditioning is giving you trouble.


In conclusion, if you are looking for car AC repair in Wichita KS, then the team at ABC Auto Repair is your go-to choice. Their experienced and knowledgeable staff have been providing reliable and quality services to customers since 1989. They offer a wide range of services, from air conditioning repair to engine maintenance.

You can trust that their technicians will get the job done right, no matter how big or small it may be. With their competitive prices and excellent customer service, they are sure to provide you with an enjoyable experience every time you visit them.


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