Pro Cut on Car Brake Lathe

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Pro Cut on Car Brake Lathe is a type of machine used to resurface car brake drums and rotors. It uses abrasive cutting tools to remove metal from the surface of the brake drum or rotor, creating a smooth finish that improves braking performance. The Pro Cut system is designed for high-performance cars and offers precision machining with minimal setup time.

Its powerful motor runs at variable speeds, allowing users to adjust the feed rate depending on the application. Other features include an adjustable depth stop for consistent results, self-centering arbor chuck for quick wheel changes, and dust extraction ports to keep work area clean throughout operation. In addition, its heavy-duty construction ensures long lasting durability and reliability even under intense use in demanding environments such as race tracks or auto repair shops.

A Pro Cut on Car Brake Lathe is a great tool for any mechanic or car enthusiast. It allows you to quickly and accurately cut brake discs, drums, and rotors with precision. You can make sure that your brakes are in top shape by ensuring that all of the parts are machined correctly.

With this machine, you will have reliable stopping power every time because it eliminates excessive runout due to uneven wear patterns caused by improper cutting techniques. The Pro Cut On Car Brake Lathe ensures smooth braking performance so that you can drive safely each time you hit the road!

Demo: Pro-Cut On-Car Brake Lathe on the Training Stand

Used on Car Brake Lathe for Sale

A used car brake lathe for sale can be a great investment if you are looking to keep your vehicle’s brakes in top shape. This type of machine is designed to cut and resurface brake rotors, helping them last longer and perform better. With a used car brake lathe, you can save money by avoiding the cost of purchasing new parts or having the work done at a shop.

Be sure to properly research any used model before making your purchase so that you can get the best quality product for your needs!

On-Car Brake Lathe Service near Me

If you’re looking for an on-car brake lathe service near you, the best place to start is by doing research online. There are a variety of different services available and it’s important to find one that meets your needs and budget. Make sure they have certified technicians who can handle all types of on-car brake lathe repairs as well as accurate estimates for their work.

Additionally, make sure they use top quality parts and offer warranties on their services so that you know you’ll be taken care of in case something goes wrong down the road.

Hunter On-Car Brake Lathe Price

The Hunter On-Car Brake Lathe is a high-quality, yet cost-effective tool for brake servicing technicians. With an affordable price tag of around $3,000 USD, the Hunter On-Car Brake Lathe allows for quick and easy resurfacing of disc brakes and drums in minutes. The versatile design makes it perfect for both on-site service as well as shop use, making the Hunter On-Car Brake Lathe an essential piece of equipment for any brake service professional.

Pro Cut Brake Lathe Parts

Pro Cut Brake Lathe Parts are designed to provide superior performance and reliability for all of your brake lathe needs. They are made from high-grade materials, ensuring that they last longer and perform better than standard parts. Pro Cut offers a wide variety of replacement parts for their machines, so you can be sure to find the right part for your job.

With quality construction and reliable components, Pro Cut Brake Lathe Parts will keep your machine running like new!

Pro Cut on Car Brake Lathe


What is the Minimum Cut Depth for Most Pro Cut On-Car Lathes?

The minimum cut depth for most pro cut on-car lathes is 0.032″ (0.8mm). This is the absolute minimum amount of material that can be safely removed from a rotor or drum without damaging it. It is important to note that some manufacturers may have different specifications depending on the type of machine and application being used, so it’s always best to check with your manufacturer before beginning any project.

Additionally, you should also take into account factors such as the age of your rotors/drums and the size and type of pad being used in order to determine an appropriate cutting depth for optimal performance.

What is the Advantage of an On-Car Brake Lathe Over a Bench Brake Lathe?

An on-car brake lathe has several advantages over a bench brake lathe. On-car brake lathes are able to machine the rotor or drum while it remains attached to the vehicle, making them more convenient and efficient than removing the part and machining it separately on a bench type brake lathe. On-car units also provide accurate results as they have better alignment capabilities due to their greater range of movement, allowing for more precise cutting angles when resurfacing rotors or drums.

Additionally, since these machines work directly on the car, there is no need for extra adapters which reduces setup time significantly. This makes an on-car brake lathe ideal for busy workshops as well as mobile repair services that require quick turnaround times without compromising quality workmanship.

What is the Difference between a Bench Brake Lathe And an On-Car Brake Lathe?

A bench brake lathe is a stationary machine that is used to resurface and refinish drum brakes, rotors, and other automotive parts. The main advantage of this type of brake lathe is that it can be set up in the garage or shop for precise machining operations with maximum accuracy. On-car brake lathes are designed to perform similar machining tasks but on an automobile’s actual braking system components while they are installed on the car.

This type of lathe allows mechanics to quickly repair vehicles without having to remove them from the lift or frame rack, saving time and money in the process. While both machines have their own distinct advantages, an on-car brake lathe offers more flexibility due to its ability to work directly with a car’s brakes while still being able to produce high quality results.

What is an on the Car Brake Lathe?

An on the car brake lathe is a machine used to resurface, or “turn,” brake rotors and drums. It can be mounted onto the vehicle, allowing mechanics to perform the task with minimal effort and time. The machine uses cutting tools that are designed specifically for each type of rotor or drum in order to accurately cut away material from the surface of these parts.

This process helps improve braking performance by ensuring that friction surfaces are free of any irregularities such as bumps, grooves, warping and other typical wear-related issues. By using an on-the-car brake lathe, technicians can save time while also guaranteeing precise results for their customers.


In conclusion, the Pro Cut on Car Brake Lathe is a great tool for any auto shop. It can quickly and accurately cut brake rotors, allowing mechanics to get more work done in less time. The machine also comes with features such as automatic centering, adjustable depth stops, and electronic calipers that make it incredibly versatile.

With its easy-to-use design and long lasting durability, the Pro Cut on Car Brake Lathe is an essential piece of equipment for any auto shop looking to save time and produce quality results.


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