Club Car Precedent Brake Cable

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The Club Car Precedent brake cable is a crucial component of the golf cart. It is responsible for transferring power from the brake pedal to the brakes, allowing them to stop and slow down properly. The brake cable has a sheath that houses seven strands of inner wire, which are made out of stainless steel or galvanized steel.

The cable runs through two pulleys and attaches to a bracket on either side of the vehicle’s frame near the rear axle. When you press on your footbrake, it pulls on this cable which then activates the brakes. This allows for controlled stops without having to use too much force when stopping your golf cart.

Without proper functioning cables, this could lead to uncontrolled stops and possible damage or injury resulting from it.

The Club Car Precedent Brake Cable is an essential part of the braking system on your golf cart. This cable is designed to be durable and reliable, providing years of dependable service in all kinds of weather conditions. The brake cable works with a pulley system that helps you safely stop or slow down your cart and keep it under control when traveling at high speeds.

Not only does this make the ride safer for yourself, it also prevents damage to other parts like the transmission or motor thanks to its smooth operation and efficient design.

Club Car Precedent Brake Cable Adjustment | How To | Golf Cart Garage

Club Car Precedent Brake Cable Replacement

Replacing the brake cable on a Club Car Precedent can be done quickly and easily. The first step is to remove the four screws that hold the rear access panel in place, then disconnect the negative battery cable from its terminal. Next, locate the brake cable and disconnect it at both ends.

Finally, install the new brake cable making sure to connect it securely at both ends before re-installing the rear access panel using your four screws. With this simple process you should have your brakes working as good as new!

Club Car Precedent Extended Brake Cable

The Club Car Precedent Extended Brake Cable is an essential part of the vehicle’s braking system. It provides a longer and stronger connection between the brake pedal, master cylinder, and rear brakes for increased reliability and performance. The extended length allows easier access to the brakes from inside or outside of the vehicle, making it perfect for those who need more space while working on their golf cart.

Additionally, this cable is designed with a stainless steel housing that can withstand higher temperatures than other cables on the market.

Club Car Ds Brake Cable Extension

Club Car DS brake cable extension kits are an essential component for any Club Car DS cart owner. This kit includes all the components needed to extend the front and rear brake cables on your machine, allowing you to increase its overall length by up to 4 inches. The kit also features a high quality stainless steel construction that is designed to last longer than many other aftermarket parts available on the market today.

With this easy-to-install kit, you can ensure that your brakes will remain properly adjusted for years of reliable performance out in the field or on the road.

Club Car Ds Brake Pedal Assembly

The Club Car DS Brake Pedal Assembly is an essential part for your Club Car DS golf cart. This assembly includes the brake pedal, springs, armature and other parts to provide you with a properly functioning brake system for smooth stopping power. The easy-to-install design makes it simple to replace any worn or damaged components quickly and efficiently so that you can get back out on the course in no time.

Club Car Precedent Brake Cable


What is the Difference between Club Car Precedent And Club Car?

The main difference between the Club Car Precedent and the standard Club Car is in their design. The Precedent has a modern, body-on-frame style that makes it more comfortable to drive than the older boxy models. It also features LED headlights, tail lights, brake lights and turn signals for added visibility and safety.

Additionally, the Precedent offers a quieter ride due to its larger tires and better suspension system. Finally, it can be fitted with optional accessories such as a sun canopy or cargo bed to increase its versatility.

How Do You Replace an Inner Brake Cable?

Replacing an inner brake cable is a relatively simple job that requires minimal tools. To begin, you will need to remove the old cable from its housing and then thread the new one through the same route. When doing this step it is important to make sure that any kinks or twists are avoided as these can lead to a reduction in performance of your brakes.

Once you have threaded the new cable, use clamps or zip ties to secure it in place and allow enough slack for full travel when actuating your brakes. Finally, adjust the tension on both ends of the cable until they feel even when applying either lever and then test ride before heading out on your next adventure!

How Do You Adjust the Parking Brake on a Club Car Precedent?

Adjusting the parking brake on a Club Car Precedent is relatively simple and straightforward. Begin by locating the parking brake cable, which is usually located near the rear axle of your golf cart. The cable should be secured to one side of a metal bracket attached to the frame with two bolts.

Loosen these bolts using an adjustable wrench until they are loose enough that you can move them up or down slightly in order to adjust the tension on the cable. Next, pull on either end of the cable and its handle until there is some tension felt when depressing it. You may have to repeat this step multiple times until you feel like it has been adjusted correctly for your needs; then firmly tighten both bolts back into place so that it will stay put during use.

Finally, test out how well your new setting works by pressing down on your parking brake; if it holds firm and does not slip then you know that you’ve successfully adjusted your Club Car Precedent’s parking brake!

How Do You Put a Brake Cable on a Lever?

To attach a brake cable to a lever, you’ll need pliers and replacement cables. First, loosen the anchor bolt on the brake caliper by turning it counterclockwise with your pliers. Then remove any old or damaged cable from the lever and slide in the new one.

Make sure that it is firmly attached to both ends of the lever before tightening up both anchors bolts with your pliers again. Finally, pull out enough slack in the cable so that when you squeeze down on your brakes there will be enough tension to stop your wheels.


In conclusion, the Club Car Precedent Brake Cable is a great choice for those who need to replace their existing brake cable. It’s an easy-to-install solution that provides reliable and accurate braking performance. With its durable construction and long lifespan, the Club Car Precedent Brake Cable is sure to provide years of worry-free service.

Whether you’re looking for a replacement part or just want to upgrade your golf cart with new components, this cable is definitely worth considering.


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